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JUNE 2020: Scribis 3.0 (English version) has arrived! Scribis is a free online editor that allows students and writers to work in one place with many language tools. Based on the last words typed or dictated in the editor, Scribis will suggest words, synonyms, phrases instantly and pertinently. You can choose to work with dictionaries of synonyms, collocations, thesauri like Roget's Thesaurus, Moby Thesaurus, Wordnet and other lexical databases generated by neural networks and databases of sentences selected from classic novels. For a brief introduction to the program watch the VIDEO GUIDE or read this GUIDE or read on below

MARCH 2020: New releases! English versions of Scribis Matrix, useful brainstorming tool to generate word matrices, Scribis Thesauri and Scribis Thesauri plus, simplified versions of Scribis 3.0, with which you can work with 3 assistants active simultaneously:

Useful links:

- Video Guide of Scribis 3.0
- Video about Scribis Matrix
- Video about Scribis Thesauri

- Presentation page of the linguistic tools of the Scribis Project
- Visual-Thesaurus Project
- Italian version of Scribis 3.0

- To send suggestions, to report bugs, to expand to other fields or languages and collaborate on the project:
- Scribis on TWITTER
- Scribis on FACEBOOK

Scribis 3.0 - Guide

Scribis 3.0 is easy and simple to use. Type in the editor: based on the last words you write, Scribis will suggest words, synonyms and phrases instantly and pertinently. For example, if you type "It was a dark and stormy night", Scribis will return you, quickly and pertinently, not only the synonyms, the collocations, the semantic fields, of "night", "dark" and "stormy", but also dozens of sentences that contain analogies, similarities, emotions and images, related to these three words.

- Scribis searches can be triggered by the space key (by default) or by the tab key: choose the one you prefer in the settings window     
- For tablets and other touch devices: 1) Automatic suggestion is activated by tapping inside the editor. 2) Activate the full screen view by clicking on the button located in the lower left menu.
- Support: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE Explorer. Android devices (you can add Scribis icon to your Home Screen)
- If not active, Javascript must be enabled in your browser
-  MODELS  function is not yet active for english texts
- Working with the  CLICK  function, you will lose all formatting.


In the top left menu, the  AUTO  button is initially active. It indicates the automatic search function: Scribis will continuously search the databases based on what you type in the editor and based on the active dictionaries (indicated by  darker buttons ).

If you choose the  CLICK  button instead, the automatic search is disabled, the editor becomes slightly darker and all the words you have written so far (excluding articles and prepositions) are underlined and become clickable: you will choose for which words to ask for the help of Scribis. Obviously if you type other words in the editor, you will have to click again on  CLICK  to make the new words you added also clickable.

The    button allows you to copy the text to the clipboard.

The    button allows you to save or import files. MORE INFO

The  B I U  button allow you to format the text. WARNING: Working with the  CLICK  function you will lose all formatting.


The    button disables searches. Click again on    or  AUTO  to reactivate Scribis' searches.

The    button opens a new window with a larger editor (with no Scribis' searches).

The    button is for full-screen mode. By clicking again on it, you return to the normal display

The  CLOSE GUIDE  button hides this presentation. Click again on it to bring up the guide again.


-  SCRIBIS  returns results from both dictionaries and sentence databases.
-  DICTIONARIES  returns results only from dictionaries. And you will be able to work with a bigger windows.
-  PHRASES  returns results only from databases of sentences. Here too you can work with two larger columns.
-  MODELS  mode allows you to work not only with dictionaries and databases of phrases but also with short texts taken from classic novels. It is not yet active for english texts.

The    button opens the settings window. Here you can choose:

- the key that triggers Scribis searches:  SPACE  (default) or  TAB 

- select other dictionaries or databases: choose the teams to play with!


You can quickly move between one dictionary and another. The active default dictionaries are:

 MOBY-1 : The largest thesaurus in the English language compiled by Grady Ward. READ MORE
 COLLOC : The words that most frequently associate with a given word. READ MORE
 SYNONYMS : No need for explanations. witch: (name), sorcerer, seer, magician, wizard, conjurer
 WORDNET : A wonderful lexical database for the english language by Princeton University (2010): it groups words into sets of synonyms called synsets. READ MORE

In the settings window (click on   ), you can also choose:

 MOBY-3 : Same database of MOBY-1 but Scribis' results are based on the last three words entered. READ MORE
 ROGET : Old classic Roget's Thesaurus (1914 edition). READ MORE
 W2V : Dictionary generated by a neural network based on a corpus of texts selected by the Gutenberg project. READ MORE


Scribis return dozens of sentences that contain analogies, similarities, emotions and images, related to the last three words typed.

You can quickly move between one database and another. The active default databases are:


In the settings window (click on   ), you can also choose:

 MOBY-3 : Same database of MOBY-1 but Scribis' results are based on the last three words enteredMORE INFO

You can move a phrase from the list of results to the editor by clicking on the button   which is next to each sentence (and before moving it you can already edit it)

Furthermore, for the databases of the sentences, to have different results, you can set the search according to the length of the sentences. You can choose:  ALL  (no filter),  MIN  (short sentences),  MEDIUM  and  MAX  (long sentences).


It will be a section dedicated to very short passages or poems of the great authors of Literature. The texts will be divided into   CHARACTERS  ,   PLACES  ,   SCENES    and   EMOTIONS  . A last button   MY    is to allow you to insert your own study text. By clicking on a button each time, a different text is returned to you.


Scribis 4.0 is coming soon. It will include other linguistic tools and a desktop edition


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Scribis Project by Fabio Martines

Creative Commons License
Except where otherwise noted and for the public domain databases (Moby Thesaurus, Roget's Thesaurus and Dictionary of synonyms), the contents of the databases of this web page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
For the Wordnet database, read this License provided by the Princeton University



The largest thesaurus in the English language compiled by Grady Ward

witch: 'medicine man', charlatan, exorciser, exorcist, 'horse doctor', medicaster, 'medicine monger', mundunugu, 'obeah doctor', quack, quacksalver, shaman, shamanist, unspeller, voodoo, voodooist, wangateur, 'witch doctor', 'witch master', 'witch finder', witchman

witch: 'witch hunt', mccarthyism, 'amassing evidence', 'close inquiry', 'department of investigation', detection, 'detective work', 'exhaustive study', harassment, harrying, hearing, hounding, indagation, investigation, 'investigative bureau', 'legislative investigation', legwork, oppression, perscrutation, persecution, probe, 'red baiting', research, sifting, sleuthing, tormenting, victimization, 'witch hunting'

... (and many other results)



Based on the last three words typed, Scribis gets the results from the largest thesaurus in the English language compiled by Grady Ward. An example with "stormy night witch":

stormy night witch: pitch black', atramentous, beamless, black, 'black as coal', 'black as ebony', 'black as ink', 'black as midnight', 'black as night', caliginous, 'coal black', coaly, dark, 'dark as night', 'dark as pitch', darkling, darksome, 'deep black', ebon, ebony, eclipsed, 'ink black', inky, jet, jetty, midnight, 'night black', 'night clad', 'night cloaked', 'night dark', 'night enshrouded', 'night filled', 'night mantled', 'night veiled', nigrous, obfuscated, obscure, obscured, occulted, 'pitch dark', pitchy, raven, 'raven black', rayless, sable, sloe, 'sloe black', 'sloe colored', starless, sunless, 'tar black', tarry, tenebrious, tenebrose, tenebrous, unilluminated, unlighted, unlit

stormy night witch: night, 'egyptian darkness', erebus, 'all the time', 'all night', blackness, ceaselessly, charcoal, coal, continually, continuously, crow, dark, 'dark of night', darkness, 'darkness visible', 'dead of night', dusk, ebon, ebony, endlessly, evening, evensong, eventide, gloaming, incessantly, ink, 'intense darkness', jet, lightlessness, midnight, moonlessness, 'night and day', 'night fallen', nightfall, nightlong, nightly, nighttide, nighttime, nocturnal, obscure, 'obscure darkness', obscurity, pitch, 'pitch darkness', 'pitchy darkness', raven, 'round the clock', 'sable night', sloe, smoke, smut, soot, starlessness, sundown, sunlessness, sunset, swarthiness, tar, tenebrosity, tenebrousness, 'the palpable obscure', 'total darkness', twilight, unceasingly, unendingly, 'velvet darkness', vespers

stormy night witch: 'in the dark', 'at night', 'behind the curtain', 'behind the scenes', 'behind the veil', benighted, 'by night', covertly, dark, darkling, 'in a corner', 'in a whisper', 'in darkness', 'in hidlings', 'in secret', 'in the background', 'in the night', 'nobody the wiser', secretly, 'sotto voce', 'sub rosa', 'under the breath', 'under the rose', undercover, underground, 'with bated breath'

... (many other results)



The words that most frequently associate with a given word. For example:

witch: water, wicked, doctor, woman, hazel, endor, called, white, told, house, story, trials, looked, live, hath, wife, burned, suffer, aunt, sorceress, mother, ice, witches, night, markes, death, craft, stories, evil, condemned, atlas, doctors, daughter, burning, warlock, girl, days, call, thou, thee, fire, eyes, devil, compel, burnt, satan, lived, hanged, found, elm, dead, burn, broomstick, bad, words, west, sir, raising, named, marks, lives, laid, held, hag, god, finder, execution, executed, drums, animal, wizard, truth, time, stood, scene, hare, dat, cat, believed, world, waste, spell, spake, hills, heard, garden, false, east, day, christian, cast, bewitched, belief, air



A dictionary generated by a neural network based on a corpus of texts selected by the Gutenberg project. For example:

night: midnight, nights, noon, meanwhile, month, meeting, mornings, near, morning, moments, nearly, meantime, midday, meet, mysteriously, moment, next, musings, outside, nightly, minute, lull, nightfall, loitering, place, march, moor, nigh, lingering, leaving, midst, melancholy, lingered, neighbouring, loom, mass, passing, marches, mariners, off, passage, occasion, part, neglected, missed, luncheon, often, messengers, mounting, miraculous



For example:

stormy (adjective): nature, fierce, thunderous, howling, inclement, turbulent, blustering, lowering

night (name): time, dimness, gloom, dark, dusk, darkness, nightfall, twilight



Old classic Roget's Thesaurus (1914 edition). An example with witch:

witch[513]: astrologer, augur, forecaster, interpreter, monitor, oracle, predictor, prognosticator, prophet, python, pythoness, seer, sibyl, soothsayer, sorcerer, sphinx, weatherman, witch.

witch[846]: awkward, baboon, bald, bizarre, blemish, cadaverous, clumsy, crooked, deface, deformity, dingy, discolored, disfigure, disfigured, disfigurement, distort, distortion, dog, dumpy, eyesore, figure, forbidding, foul, fright, frightful, gaudy, gaunt, gawky, ghastly, graceless, grim, grisly, gross, grotesque, gruesome, hag, haggard, hideous, homely, horrible, horrid, hulking, hulky, inartistic, inelegance, inelegant, lumbering, lumpish, misshapen, monkey, monster, monstrous, object, octopus, odious, ordinary, pig, plain, repellant, repugnant, repulsive, rickety, rough, rude, rugged, scarecrow, seen, shapeless, shocking, sight, sightless, slouching, smile, soil, specter, squalid, squalor, stiff, symmetry, toad, ugliness, ugly, unattractive, uncanny, uncomely, uncouth, ungainly, ungraceful, uninviting, unlovely, unpleasing, unprepossessing, unseemly, unshapely, unsightly, unwieldy, witch, woofer.

witch[994]: caduceus, charmer, clairvoyant, conjuror, exorcist, fairy, hag, hoodoo, lamia, magician, medium, mesmerist, necromancer, rod, seer, shaman, siren, soothsayer, sorcerer, voodoo, wand, witch, wizard



A wonderful lexical database for the English language by Princeton University (2010): it groups english words into sets of synonyms called synsets.

Watch the video on how Wordnet works in Scribis 3.0

All synsets are connected to other synsets by means of semantic relations like hyperonymy, hyponomy, meronymy, holonymy, troponymy and entailment. For example, if you type witch in the editor of Scribis, you will get:

WORDNET SYNSET: #109503282 - [witch]
[Meaning] [a being (usually female) imagined to have special powers derived from the devil]
Related words:
109483738 [hypernymy] [imaginary being,imaginary creature]],[a creature of the imagination -a person that exists only in legends or myths or fiction],
110497046 [hyponymy] [pythoness]],[a witch with powers of divination],
110767762 [hyponymy] [warlock]],[a male witch or demon],
108398467 [meronymy] [coven]],[an assembly of witches -usually 13 witches], ...

You'll get many other results: witch intended as [enchantress, witch], as [beldam,beldame,crone,hag,witch], as [water witch], ... but also as [witch’s brew], as [witch hazel], ...

As you see, for each word are indicated [synonyms], [meaning] and [relationships] with their [id], a number that identifies every synset and that you can click to continue trying to expand your imagination.

Indeed, you can trigger an explosion of images. If, for example, you click on the synset [imaginary being,imaginary creature], which is the hypernymy of witch and indicated above by the color blue, you can explore hyponyms of [imaginary being,imaginary creature]. You'll get:

109484313 [hyponymy] [hypothetical creature],[a creature that has not been observed but is hypothesized to exist],
109484664 [hyponymy] [mythical being],[an imaginary being of myth or fable],
109488711 [hyponymy] [giant],[an imaginary figure of superhuman size and strength -appears in folklore and fairy tales],
109488995 [hyponymy] [hobbit],[an imaginary being similar to a person but smaller and with hairy feet -invented by J.R.R. Tolkien],
109489601 [hyponymy] [mermaid],[half woman and half fish -lives in the sea],
109489697 [hyponymy] [merman],[half man and half fish -lives in the sea],
109490054 [hyponymy] [Cadmus],[ (Greek mythology) the brother of Europa and traditional founder of Thebes in Boeotia],
109491966 [hyponymy] [monster],[an imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts],
109503282 [hyponymy] [witch],[a being (usually female) imagined to have special powers derived from the devil],
109587565 [hyponymy] [fictional character,fictitious character,character],[an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story) -'she is the main character in the novel'],
110489818 [hyponymy] [psychopomp],[a conductor of souls to the afterworld -'Hermes was their psychopomp'],
110685300 [hyponymy] [sylph],[an elemental being believed to inhabit the air],
110737964 [hyponymy] [unicorn],[an imaginary creature represented as a white horse with a long horn growing from its forehead]

And clicking again, you can continue this beautiful fantastic journey through the words and their relations



For example, if you type It was a dark and stormy night

he saw what looked like the truth as by flashes of lightning on a dark, stormy night you might see a mountain range

the moon, as wardle had foretold, was rapidly on the wane, large tiers of dark, heavy clouds, which had been gradually overspreading the sky for some time past, now formed one black mass overhead, and large drops of rain which pattered every now and then against the windows of the chaise, seemed to warn the travellers of the rapid approach of a stormy night

... (and many other results)



For example, if you type It was a dark and stormy night

’can the guilty sleep like the innocent? who would deem this gentle slumberer had betrayed the highest trust that ever heaven vouchsafed to favoured man? he looks not like a tyrant and a traitor: calm his brow, and mild his placid breath! his long dark hair, dark as the raven’s wing, hath broken from its fillet, and courses, like a wild and stormy night, over his pale and moon-lit brow

suspicion flashed across his brain, making his dark thoughts apparent to him, as a flash of lightning marks the outlines of the cloud-bars on a stormy sky

one stormy night in the autumn of 1760 the servants of r--sitten were startled out of the midst of their sleep by a terrific crash, as if the whole of the spacious castle had tumbled into a thousand pieces

... (and many other results)



For example, if you type It was a dark and stormy night

with that the past becomes very real again, and he sees the garple dean in that stormy afternoon, he wrestles again at midnight in the dark house, he stands with quaking heart by the boats to cut off the retreat

a trip of fourteen stormy, dull, long, sick days, but at last at eleven at night we sailed up the harbor in the moonlight, and i saw dear john waiting for me on the wharf

... (and many other results)



For example, if you type It was a dark and stormy night

his knowledge of his inability to take vengeance for it made his rage into a dark and stormy specter, that possessed him and made him dream of abominable cruelties

it was a stormy night and i remonstrated, but jack called my attention to its making a sound like a cry of despair, and said somebody would be ’hailing a ghost’ presently, if it wasn’t done

... (and many other results)


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You will access a window where you can download your text in simple TXT format (any formatting will be lost), in HTML (the formatting will remain), display it as PDF which you can then directly print or save as a PDF.

TXT and HTML files are saved in your default folder according to your browser settings. You will see that a file appears whose name is composed as follows: "SCRIBIS + INCIPIT + DATE + ID".

If you saved in TXT or HTML format, you can import your file later, even if you renamed it in another way. In general, you can import any file in TXT or HTML format. Do not import too large file (I recommend max 1 MB)

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